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Trivia / The Simpsons S8 E2 "You Only Move Twice"

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  • Deleted Scene:
    • The Blue-Haired Lawyer appears as a potential buyer of the Simpsons House. He appears with a lot of cats and asks if the house has a cat door, and Marge replies no.
    • After the Simpson family left Springfield, leaving Grandpa there, Marge told him about the Automated Robo Call Services that will call him every day to make sure he's okay, plus she says a robot will call him. When he's at the Springfield Retirement Castle the Automated Robo Call Services calls him.
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  • Edited for Syndication: In the original scene in which Homer asks Hank Scorpio for sugar, Hank asks Homer, "Want some cream, too?" This was omitted in syndication.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: The writers didn't worry too much about perfecting Scorpio's lines because they knew Albert Brooks would rewrite or ad lib new ones. Entire parts of Scorpio's dialogue, such as his hammock speech, are Brooks's lines and not the writers'. Dan Castellaneta described how, after he prepared something for Homer to say in response to Brooks's new Scorpio lines, Brooks would deliver totally different lines in the next take. Josh Weinstein said Homer's reactions are exactly like someone talking to Albert Brooks. In all, his recordings amounted to over two hours in length.
  • Orphaned Reference: You know that Running Gag of Marge taking a sip of wine... which is then followed by a Scare Chord? Originally, Marge was going to become The Alcoholic (due to having nothing to do in a house that cleans itself), but that was deemed too depressing.
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  • Technology Marches On: On the DVD Commentary, the writers admit the joke of Cypress Creek having a website as a sign of its advancement is one of the show's most-dated jokes, as anything and everything (legal or otherwise) has a website (or, at the very least, an account with a social media site, like Twitter or Facebook), not just elementary schools, and the novelty of advancement has worn off significantly. It was arguably a little dated even in 1996, since a lot of municipal governments had some sort of rudimentary website up by that point.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Albert Brooks improvised a lot of Scorpio's dialogue. Likewise, a lot of Homer's responses were ad-libbed in response as Dan Castellaneta tried to keep up.
    • Perhaps the best known of these is the "Hammock district" bit, with Brooks rattling off a series of stores that sell hammocks. Castellaneta caps it off at the end.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • The episode way that Cypress Creek Elementary School is shown to be incredibly advanced is that they have their own website. On the DVD Commentary, the writers admit that this is one of the show's most-dated jokes, as anything and everything (legal or otherwise) has a website (or, at the very least, an account with a social media site, like Twitter or Facebook), and the novelty of advancement has worn off significantly.
    • Homer tells Hank Scorpio that he dreams of owning the Dallas Cowboys, and is very disappointed in the end after he discovers that Hank Scorpio got him the Denver Broncos instead. At the time, the Cowboys had recently won 3 Super Bowls in a 4-year span, while the Broncos were a Butt-Monkey in the NFL, having lost all their prior Super Bowl appearances in blowouts. Since this episode aired, the Cowboys haven't even made their conference championship, while the Broncos have had 4 Super Bowl appearances, winning 3 of them (one of which, Super Bowl XXXIII, was the subject of season 10's "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" in 1999). So, to modern viewers, it seems like Homer did well after all.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Hank Scorpio was going to be the villain of The Simpsons Movie, however, they decided against it as they felt that Scorpio was too likable to turn into an all-out villain. It's telling that the Simpson Movie's villain, Russ Cargill, has not only the same voice actor (Albert Brooks), but the same exact voice.
    • On the commentary, the staff mention there was a lot of ad-libbed dialogue from Brooks that never got used.
    • Cypress Creek was originally named "Emerald Caverns", but they changed it mid-production to give the town more of a Silicon Valley feel.
    • James Bont was originally supposed to be the real James Bond, but Fox, concerned about a lawsuit, would not let them use it. The writers went with "Bont" because they felt it was the most similar name that they could legally use.
    • The writers wanted Shirley Bassey to sing "Scorpio", but they couldn't get her to record the part.


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