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Trivia / The Simpsons S 6 E 11 Fear Of Flying

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  • Blooper: In the She-She Lounge scene, a woman in dressed in green standing behind Homer has yellow skin in the far shot, but when the shot changes to put Homer in a close-up, her skin is dark.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • Right after Homer is thrown out of Moe's, a stray cat enters the bar. Moe is then heard saying, "Oh, look at the cat, he put sugar all over the place".
    • An altered version of Homer bluffing his way into the Black Box has the barman produce a uniform and say he can borrow Bill's until he gets back. It cuts to Bill on the bar's room in his underpants, before he starts sqwuaking, then falls past the window, prompting the barman to tell Homer he can probably keep the uniform.
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  • In Memoriam: The DVD cut of this episode ends with David Mirkin announcing that the crew had learned of Anne Bancroft's passing. On behalf of everyone, he offers condolences and words of gratitude.
  • Trope Namer: My Beloved Smother.

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