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Trivia / The Simpsons S3 E9 "Saturdays of Thunder"

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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The original broadcast of this episode was, like several others around Seasons 2-3, shortened so a music video (in this case, Michael Jackson's "Black and White") could premiere afterwards. However, unlike the other truncated episodes, this one had several alternate lines recorded for it; the commentary on Homer's Football's Greatest Injuries VHS was changed to "The compound fracture, truly one of football's greatest injuries," and when Marge asks Homer about Bart's hobbies, their conversation about him "chewing on the phone cord" was changed to him saying "Kids don't have hobbies!", plus the video store and beauty parlour scenes were swapped over.
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  • What Could Have Been: When Marge calls Homer a bad father, his original line was "I'm not the bad father, you're the bad father. Leave me alone."

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