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Trivia / The Simpsons S 3 E 12 I Married Marge

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  • Unintentional Period Piece: Bart suggests to name the new baby Kool Moe Dee, who was a well known rapper in the early 1990s but is now virtually forgotten. Lisa also suggests the name Ariel, whom Belle had just replaced as the then most recent Disney Princess.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Had the showrunners known the series would run longer, they would have made separate episodes on Homer and Marge's marriage, Homer getting the job at the Nuclear Power Plant (as technical supervisor or supervising technician), and Bart's birth. Hence fitting all three plots into this episode.
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    • There are hints that Homer and Marge were originally supposed to get married in Las Vegas, hence why the officiant at their wedding gives them some gambling chips despite them getting married in a small hut that's nowhere near any casino. Presumably this was changed because them getting married in Vegas would have too strongly implied that Springfield was in a state within driving distance of Nevada, when the creators were trying to leave the town's location as ambiguous as possible.note 

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