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Trivia / The Simpsons S1 E1 "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"

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  • Blooper:
    • When Milhouse dares Bart to pull Santa's beard off, Lewis changes from black to yellow.
    • When Milhouse, Bart and Lewis are talking about the fake Santa, Milhouse's eyebrows go from blue to black to blue again.
    • When Marge puts the phone down the phone wire disappears. This is more easily seeable in the DVD where you can slow-mo.
    • While Marge is writing her Christmas letter, the flames from the fireplace appear over the family's stockings.
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    • When Marge embraces Homer at the end of the episode, during the first close-up shot, the background is upside down (this includes Bart's photo and the lamp), but the second close-up shot of Marge and Homer has the background back to normal.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: In 2014, it was selected by current showrunner, Al Jean, as one of five essential episodes in the show's history.
  • First Appearance: Every supporting character aside from Grandpa. That includes Ned and Todd Flanders, Patty and Selma Bouvier, Mr. Burns, Moe, Barney, Principal Skinner, Ralph Wiggum, Sherri and Terri, Lewis, Dewey Largo, Snowball II, and Santa's Little Helper.
    • This is also Milhouse's first appearance in the series proper (his actual first appearance was in the first Butterfinger commercial).
    • Also, Smithers is heard (but not seen) speaking over an intercom.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: The promo has Maggie feeding steak to Santa's Little Helper and Homer shouting at Bart. Both scenes were cut, though the latter is heard.
  • Out of Order: Production wise, this is the eight episode of Season One, though the retools made to the proper pilot ("Some Enchanted Evening" ultimately the season finale) led to the show debuting during Christmas and this episode being the series premiere. This becomes noticeable with the above First Appearances, with many of them appearing in later episodes earlier in the production line with more fanfare to resemble a proper introduction.


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