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Trivia / The Simpsons S 13 E 16 Weekend At Burnsies

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  • No Export for You: Was banned for a time on Sky1 in the UK due to the plot about medical marijuana (the UK doesn't allow anything that glamorizes, condones, or gives instructional detail on any activity that's considered dangerous or illegal — in this case, doing drugs). The episode did eventually air in a post-watershed slot on both Sky and Channel 4 when they got the rights to it (only it wasn't advertised, not even in a sneaky Never Trust a Trailer way where it could have advertised the episode to be about Homer befriending the crows or Marge trying to make the family eat organic vegetables). It's now available on DVD (where it's rated 12 for frequent comic drug misuse, moderate violencenote , some mild gorenote  and threatnote ).
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  • What Could Have Been: The writers were planning on making this episode their most controversial, due to the real-world arguments over the health benefits of marijuana. Apparently, this grand plan didn't take as the censors only objected to scenes of Homer actually smoking his joints instead of the actual subject matter. The worst this episode got in terms of people speaking out against it were some negative reviews from viewers (who cared more about the humor and quality of the show taking a nosedive rather than whether or not it made fun of marijuana smoking for health reasons) and Jon Vitti had to explain to his nephew that Homer's behavior isn't something to be imitated or glorified. The episode that did garner lots of controversy was "Blame It on Lisa" after Brazil complained about how their country was depicted.


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