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  • Follow the Leader: The Selection was one of the many books published following the massive success of The Hunger Games. Because of that, many people have taken to calling it a THG ripoff, although there aren't that many similarities (at least no more than any other recently published dystopian book).
    • The CW pilot was trying to play this up. It frames the Selection as a distraction to keep the lower castes from uprising, as well as having a rebel group attempt to kidnap America and make her a symbol of their cause.
      • Amusingly, America does end up helping the Northern rebels, which ends up saving her life (along with the lives of several others).
  • What Could Have Been: In Cass’ original plan Maxon and Clarkson were going to die, leaving Amberly alive. She would have adopted America because she wanted a daughter. Then America would have married Aspen, making the two Illea's new king and queen. This was changed when Cass realized Maxon would have been the harder, challenging choice. This could also explain why the Love Triangle was settled so clunky in the finished product.

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