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Trivia / The Second Coming

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  • Deleted Scene:
    • The change from four one-hour episodes to two ninety-minute instalments necessitated the cutting of much material from what would originally have been episode three, the opening half of the eventual second episode. Most of this material centred around Steve's friends and family being tested by the devil's servants as well as Steve's mother, who in the final edit is removed altogether and referred to only as having died some time beforehand. Some of this material was shot, and the scenes that did not make the programme were included as bonus features on the DVD release of the serial, released the week after the programmes's UK broadcast.
    • One cut scene had Steve watching Bernard Manning make jokes about him on television.
  • What Could Have Been: An earlier draft of the script features a twist ending in which Judy is married to Steve, who has simply given up his divinity and become human again, with only her recognising him. However, Russell T. Davies was advised against ending the story this way by his friend and fellow writer Paul Abbott, who felt that it cheated the audience.