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Trivia / The Sarah Jane Adventures Special "Farewell, Sarah Jane"

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  • The Character Died with Him: Elisabeth Sladen had actually died in 2011, leading to the ending of the series, though her death had not been shown in the Whoniverse. This story is done in the wake of Sarah Jane's death but is clearly set some time after the series, with Luke being married for five years, making this more a case of Character Outlives Actor.
  • Character Outlives Actor: Barbara Wright, Ben Jackson, Liz Shaw and Victoria Waterfield are present at Sarah Jane's funeral, despite their actors having passed on (Jacqueline Hill in 1993, Michael Craze in 1998, Caroline John in 2012 and Deborah Watling in 2017).
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  • The Other Darrin: Jacob Dudman, the short's narrator, fills in for Alexander Armstrong as the voice of Mr Smith.
  • Rani's scene with Mr. Smith was filmed by Sacha Dhawan, who plays the current incarnation of The Master. In real life, Sacha Dhawan and Anjili Mohindra are in a relationship.