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  • Approval of God: A handful of the artists Crash has reviewed have positively received his reviews, such as Donots, The Regrettes, Doll Skin, McCafferty, Moron Police and interestingly, Frankie Palmeri.
    • Subverted in the case of Eric July, who sent scathing messages to Crash's twitter after the Veracity review, much to the amusement of whoever was running Fire From The Gods' Twitter account at the time.
  • Colbert Bump: Crash gave one of these to Moron Police and their album A Boat on the Sea. Many fans in the comments section of the band's music make note of this.
  • Creator Backlash: He declared on Twitter than the final parts of the Green Day Retrospective would be his last hour long videos, as he stated they're a handful to take care of. (The handful of opus-length videos he's made since then haven't been spared Crash's remarks about the length either)
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  • Development Hell: The Rise and Fall of Weezer became infamous for this, hence why people were worried about the Green Day Retrospective taking a long time: Part One (focusing on The Blue Album, Pinkerton, The Green Album and Maladroit came out in September of 2012, Part Two (On Make Believe) came out the year after that (March) , same with the review of The Red Album (December), which seemed (Somewhat) consistent. Part Four (On Raditude) came out on April of 2014, and finally Part Five on Hurly of August of the same year, and finally the final part on Everything Will Be Alright in the End at the end of 2014. Even Crash noted the excessive length of the series, considering the three years it took.
  • Fan Nickname: Twice in How To Get Into Tool, Crash shows up dressed in a loud outfit, brandishing the pimp cup, being showered in money and laughing maniacally while "Hooker With A Penis" plays in the background. Fans have taken to naming this gag, "Cash Thompson".
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  • Reality Subtext: His speeches about his time as a fundamentalist Christian tend to become this whenever he comes across a song about religion.
  • What Could Have Been: A much more real life example: Crash actually stated in his "TOP 10 FAVORITE BANDS" video that he at one point was originally going to be a priest.


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