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Trivia / The Return of Godzilla

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  • Creator Backlash: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka originally wanted Ishiro Honda to direct this film, only for Honda himself to decline due to how Godzilla was portrayed in the Showa series. Plus, he wanted the series to be laid to rest after the death of Special Effects creator Eiji Tsuburaya.
  • Executive Meddling: Subverted, and a good thing too. Originally, New World reportedly planned to re-write the dialogue in order to turn the film into a tongue-in-cheek comedy (à la What's Up, Tiger Lily?), but this plan was reportedly scrapped because Raymond Burr expressed displeasure at the idea, taking the idea of Godzilla as a nuclear metaphor seriously. The only dialogue left over from that script was "That's quite an urban renewal program they've got going over there", said by Major McDonough.
    • Enforced Method Acting: At the same time, Raymond Burr was not amused with the line while the scene was being shot. This was actually confirmed. It is often rumored his reaction to the line in the film is genuine.
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    • In the earlier drafts of the screenplay, the Russians were portrayed in the same manner as the Japanese cut (Kashrin still tries to stop the missile, rather than launching it). It was only because of the conservative agendas of the higher ups at New World that their role was changed to a villainous one.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Both the American version and an uncut International dub have yet to be officially released on any sort of digital medium.
    • The sole circulated widescreen copies of 1985 are recordings of the mid-2000s Monsters HD version.
    • Finally averted, with Kraken Releasing finally acquiring the rights to Return of Godzilla and will be releasing it on DVD and Blu-Ray. Sadly, Godzilla 1985 is still in the dark.
      • The original mono version of the international dub unfortunately went unincluded as well.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: There's some footage of Maki, Naoko AND Okumura in the ruined Shinjuku district running from Godzilla in the trailer. Presumably, this was done during a publicity shoot, as a still exists from the shot.
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  • Name's the Same: Raymond Burr plays a character named Steve Martin although it's actually averted in Godzilla 1985. Only audiences who've seen Godzilla: King of the Monsters! (1956) would know his name. By all reports, Raymond Burr's character was only referred to as "Mr. Martin" specifically to avoid pointing out this trope (It was ok in the 1956 film since the comedian wasn't a big name then).
  • Old Shame: The infamous sorrowful scream Godzilla lets out in the alternate mix of the film's ending seems to be this in Toho's eyes, as they've never released the "B" mix officially since the '80s and have had the scream in particular excluded from dubs that originally used it.
  • What Could Have Been: Akihiko Hirata, the recurring actor in the Godzilla series, was to portray Professor Hayashida. Unfortunately, he died before production, being replaced by Yosuke Natsuki. Kenpachiro Satsuma plays Godzilla for the first time because of the previous stuntman decided not to wear the suit.
    • As mentioned on above Creator Backlash, Tomoyuki wanted Ishiro Honda to direct this film, but he declined because he did not like how Godzilla was previously portrayed, not taking his nuclear metaphor seriously. Ironic, considering taking said metaphor is exactly how Godzilla was portrayed in this film.
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    • Additionally, Godzilla originally was going to have a monster opponent to fight in the movie; a shape-shifting creature called Bagan. After individually fighting each of Bagan's separate three forms (the ape-like Enjin, the dragon-like Doragon; and the sea monster Mizu), he'd fight a chimeric final form of the beast before killing it. Presumably Bagan was removed to make the movie more in line with the 1954 film, and focus more on Godzilla. Even then, Bagan was not thrown out. He was to face off with Mothra in the 1990 film Mothra vs Bagan, before finally appearing in the SNES game SuperGodzilla as the final boss. TohoKingdomToons also features him as a Hispanic womanizer.
    • In an earlier draft of Godzilla 1985, the Super-X was to be dubbed in the dialogue as the S-R-X.
    • As mentioned a few times, New World wanted Raymond Burr not only to reprise his role from Godzilla: King of the Monsters! (1956), but that the film would be Lighter and Softer. Ray did not like this idea, since he took Ishiro Honda's Godzilla's nuclear metaphor very seriously, and refused any funny lines. Only one line was saved, but the look Ray gave when Godzilla is on a rampage suggests he broke character and didn't like it.


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