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Trivia / The Queen's Thief

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  • Approval of God: Megan Whalen Turner has a tumblr blog where she regularly interacts with fans and also reblogs fandom art and memes that she enjoys.
  • Ascended Meme: Fans have long referred to the books as the "Queen's Thief" series, although it's somewhat of a First-Episode Spoiler. With the 20-year anniversary reprinting and announcement of the fifth book in 2016, "Queen's Thief" is now the official title.
    • "Poor Costis" has been universally accepted by the fandom as the proper response to most things that Costis endured in The King of Attolia. Two books later, MWT included the phrase on page 301 of Thick as Thieves.
  • Word of God: Notably averted as Megan Whalen Turner has a firm "Not Telling" policy. She is of the opinion that an author making her intentions/interpretation of the text known will squash fan discussion and creativity, and so she prefers to let the readers puzzle it out on their own (which the fandom has taken to doing with gusto). That doesn't mean she always finds it easy though; in 2017, someone posted a fresh observation about a minor line of dialogue they'd noticed during a re-read of The Thief, and Mrs. Turner responded with a comment to the effect of she'd been waiting almost twenty years for someone to notice that line of foreshadowing.


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