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Trivia / The Purge

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  • Fake American:
    • Mary is played by the English Lena Headey.
    • Along with Zoey, who's played by the Australian Adelaide Kane.
    • The gang leader is played by Australian Rhys Wakefield.
  • Fan Nickname: Due to an accidental misnaming by the The Nostalgia Critic, the Polite Leader is often called "Henry" by both fans and detractors.
  • No Budget: The film was made on a budget of $3 million.
  • Similarly Named Works: The Finnish drama Puhdistus (2012), about life in Soviet-occupied Estonia, was released as The Purge in the UK, and as Purge in the USA.
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  • Viral Marketing: The websites for the New Founding Fathers of America and the resistance group Purge The Lies.
  • What Could Have Been: The gang was originally supposed to get into the house by tunneling, but this was vetoed by one of the producers as too improbable. This is mentioned in the film by James as one of the possible ways to bypass the security system


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