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Trivia / The Punisher MAX

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  • Unintentional Period Piece: Although not as obvious as some of the other comics that were made around the turn of the Millennium (think The Ultimates and The Runaways). There are still of number of elements that date the series back to the mid 2000s.
    • The most obvious one would have to be the very first story arc. Which sees a CIA Black Ops unit trying to recruit Frank so he can help them track down Saddam. That story element alone dates it back to a time period where the War on Terror dominated the national conscience.
    • Shows up yet again in Man Of Stone, where Frank has to go and deal with a situation in Afghanistan. Although it deals with a group of renegade Russians, the references to the modern day conflict in Afghan are laid on thick.
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    • The fact that the series makes a point of averting Comic-Book Time, is probably the most obvious way of dating the series. As events that took place in previous arc all happened in real time.


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