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  • Actor-Inspired Element: The characters of Cowley, Bodie and Doyle were changed substantially from their original concepts. Cowley was only intended to be 'Northern' not Scottish like Gordon Jackson. Lewis Collins managed to tone down the formal nature of Bodie's costume by series two. Doyle had the biggest change as he was intended to be blond-haired, blue-eyed and be-suited. Martin Shaw was cast (and suggested to cut his brown permed hair) and argued that Doyle wouldn't wear suits and instead turned up to the first day of shooting wearing jeans and a T-shirt, despite being told that he'd be sent home by the previous director if he did.
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  • Actor-Shared Background: Lewis Collins actually qualified to join the SAS. He only remained an actor because his career made him too famous for covert operations.
  • Banned Episode: In the episode "Klansmen," Bodie's life is saved by a black doctor despite his racist abuse, while members of white supremacy organisations are portrayed as ignorant thugs being manipulated by right-wing politicians and crooked businessmen for their own ends. The episode is banned in Britain for its violence and racist content.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Martin Shaw permed his hair to play Ray Doyle.
  • Hostility on the Set: Deliberately invoked, at least initially, by the creator - the two leads were cast because they did not get on while working together on a previous project and he thought that would give the onscreen relationship between them the edge he wanted. While they worked out their differences in fairly short order and became friends offscreen they were good enough actors to keep the onscreen dynamic he wanted.
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  • Missing Episode: "Klansmen" has to this day never been shown on British terrestrial television, and only once on cable television in 1997 (in a bizarre aversion of the No Export for You trope, it has been shown in other countries).
  • Old Shame: Martin Shaw (who played Doyle) blocked re-runs for years, only relenting after the death of Gordon Jackson (Cowley) so his widow could benefit.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: All of the vehicles, weapons and technologies available (and the fashion-definitely the fashions) show that it is all set strictly during The '70s, not to mention the many stories that involve the Cold War (and fighting spies straight from Moscow Centre) and other things like the Congo brush wars.
  • What Could Have Been: Jon Finch turned down the role of Doyle, claiming that he "couldn't possibly play a policeman".

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