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Trivia / The Plot Against America

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The miniseries

  • Billing Displacement: Winona Ryder gets top billing in spite of being less of a presence in the series compared to Morgan Spector and Zoe Kazan.
  • Fake Nationality: Some of the actors playing Jews, such as Zoe Kazan, John Turturro and Anthony Boyle, do not have Jewish ancestry. David Simon joked that Kazan has family that are Greek by way of Turkey, making them "the Jews of Turkey." Boyle pointed out that he's a Catholic from Belfast, so he too was raised as a persecuted religious minority.
  • Method Acting:
    • There are a few scenes where Evelyn must struggle to keep up and follow along with Jewish religious rituals. Actress Winona Ryder is, like Evelyn, a secular and nonpracticing Jew, so she is exactly as out of her element as her character.
    • Northern Irishman Anthony Boyle did not drop his Joisey accent until filming had wrapped, which threw the cast and crew for a loop at the wrap party.
  • Wag the Director: Winona Ryder (birth name Winona Horowitz) agreed to fit the show into her tight schedule on the condition that her character would say "Gay kocken offen yom!" at someone. David Simon was only too happy to oblige. Her character ultimately says it to the rabidly antisemitic Henry Ford.
  • Word of God: David Simon isn't shy about saying that the show's themes are meant to parallel current attitudes toward minorities and immigrants, particularly those supported by the Trump administration.


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