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Trivia / The Osbournes

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  • Creator Backlash: Ozzy admitted in a 2009 interview that he was "stoned during the entire filming of The Osbournes" and can't bear to watch the show for this reason.
  • DVD Commentary: From various family members. Season 1 features Jack and Sharon. Season 2 features Kelly and Sharon, until Kelly apparently quits halfway through and is replaced by Ozzy and Aimee, the daughter who didn't appear on the show. Season 2 and a half is back to Jack and Sharon. The commentary itself is generally made up of the commentators laughing at the show, telling the audience who the various and otherwise unknown people on screen are, and reflecting on how much has changed in the year since the season was filmed. The two outsiders, Ozzy and Aimee, are very different in their commentary however. Ozzy refuses to discuss anything outside of what is going on in the episode because, after all, its a commentary. Aimee often berates her family for agreeing to be on the show and what effect it has on how the public perceive them. A good portion of the commentary could serve as a radio-play version of the show.
    • It isn't much of a commentary though, because they haven't seen the show before and just watch it. You can tell because Sharon mostly says "Oh, I haven't seen this." over and over again. Ozzy tells Sharon to shut up and watch the show. Aimee asks why didn't they watch the show before doing the commentary. It could very well be one of the worst DVD commentaries ever.
  • Follow the Leader: Several reality shows centered around rockstars came after this.
    • However, The Osbournes Is Unfunny
  • Old Shame: Ozzy is ashamed of this show, and refuses to watch its episodes.
  • Real Song Theme Tune / Cover Version: Pat Boone's version of "Crazy Train".