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Trivia / The Official Unofficial Ouendan EBA Formspring RP

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  • List of Birthdays:
    • January
    Snow White: January 1
    Kanji: January 19
    • March
    Rho: March 14
    • April
    Kai: April 1
    Honoka: April 4
    • May
    Momotaro: May 13
    • June
    Sayaka: June 5
    Reika: June 7
    Yousuke: June 20
    • July
    Chie: July 20
    Trisil: July 23
    Red: July 25
    • October
    Banchou: October 2
    • November
    Shinta: November 17
    • December
    Yukiko: December 8
    Hayato: December 22
  • In-Series Nicknames: Almost every character here has been nicknamed at least once.
    • Hajime: Nerd Nugget, Kit-Kat, Exhibitionist
    • Honoka: Pear-chan, Hononin, Helen, Kiwi
    • Kenshin: Sugi, Kenni-kun
    • Momotaro: Momo, Momomo, Bromomo, Mo, Moo, MooMoo-tan, Ninjurai
    • Morris: Miley
    • Red: Aka-chan, Akazukin
    • Reika: Minako
    • Sayaka: Amemimi, Sunshine, Saya Saya, Love Dove
    • Shinta: Voyeur, Sheentuh, Shibachi, Kikachu, Creamsicle
    • Taichi: Taichin
    • Tsuyoshi: Mori, Tsuntsun
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    • Fan Nickname: Inverted, as the characters call the anons "pee stains".
  • The Other Darrin: Ryuuta's original role player was too busy to keep running his account, so it was given to another role player.
    • After the previous role player for Agent J deleted their account, a new Agent J popped up not too long after.

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