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  • Fan Translation: Multiple fans have worked on subbing the Dutch (Wie Mol?) and Belgian series (De Mol) for English fans. As of this time of typing, there exist completed subs for Dutch seasons 8-10 and 15-19, and Belgian seasons 4-6.
  • Name's the Same
    • One of the contestants from the first season was named Jim Morrison.
    • The Dutch series has had multiple contestants named Frits, Jan, Sanne, and Tim, albeit in different seasons. Season 5 also had two contestants named Yvon and Yvonne.
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    • The Australian season had 2 contestants named Michael in Season 2 one of whom was the Mole and 2 contestants named Josh across different seasons.
    • Season 4 of the Belgian series had a contestant named Gilles, the same name as the host's.
  • No Export for You: RTM-TV2 Malaysia was importing the US version of the show. Season 3 onwards never made it in.
  • Screwed by the Network
    • Most fans' opinion of season five, which was poorly advertised and aired in a horrible timeslot.
    • Airing The Mole 2 on a Friday night when almost no one was watching, one week after 9/11 happened and the American viewing public were not the in mood for backstabbery.
    • The UK version of the show only got two seasons.
    • Season 6 of The Mole Australia was aired far too often and in inconsistent timeslots before being dumped into a late-night timeslot.
    • As mentioned in No Export for You above, RTM-TV2 screwed over the show after airing the second season. Perhaps the sales price shot past what RTM-TV2 was willing to pay for the show because it's contestants were celebrities.
  • Too Soon: The reason why Season 2 had a lengthy hiatus after its first three episodes aired in early September of 2001. The dreadful ratings didn't help. The whole season was run in its entirety the following summer.
    • Weirdly, the same logic didn't apply to UK Season 2 which was scheduled for October, drew the same ratings as Season 1, and got cancelled anyway.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The third season would have been a standard, "civilian" season (casting for it was even announced) but was later replaced by Celebrity Mole: Hawaii.
    • Janine was reportedly one of the very few contestants on the Dutch series' 13th season who suspected the Mole from the start. If she hadn't gotten injured, the order of executions might have been very different.
    • A third UK season was teased at the end of the second, but never actually reached the commission point.

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