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Trivia / The Midnight Express

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  • Old Shame: The New Midnight Express, Bob Holly and Bart Gunn, WWE 1998.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: Giorgio Moroder's "Chase" (the theme from Midnight Express)
  • What Could Have Been: Cornette has claimed that, after Condrey left, he originally wanted Tom Prichard as his replacement.
    • During his time on the WCW booking committee, Jim proposed that he would “sell” the Midnight’s contracts to Woman, who was managing Ric Flair, thus reforming The Four Horsemen with Flair, Arn Anderson, Eaton and Lane. The committee and everyone involved agreed to go ahead with the plan, Jim went on vacation for a few days, and returned to find that Jim Herd had nixed the deal out of nowhere. This was the incident that caused Jim to quit the booking committee in disgust, since he had suggested the angle largely to foil Herd’s plans to split the Midnight up into singles competitors.

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