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  • Schedule Slip: Happened once due to a catastrophic computer failure, and, more recently, due to the author getting a new job. After 01/03/12 no new pages were released until 10/15/12. The comic continued to release regularly once a week until November, upon which the author suffered a colossal Creator Breakdown. Eventually, though, updates began again in May 2015, continuing every week since then.
  • Series Hiatus: An apparently unscheduled one starting in July 2011, and a longer one from January to October 2012 due to health and work issues. After a few weeks of updating in late 2012, the comic went gone on another indefinite-term hiatus due to the artist "...struggling with a total loss of interest and motivation..." Once circumstances allowed it, though, the comic resumed course and remained so every since, and even the author expressed their surprise at a single chapter taking three years to finish.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Meekipedia It appears to have been set up by the author, Der-Shing, to make sure there's a manual for all the things that don't fit in the comic.

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