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Trivia / The Mansions of the Gods

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2014 animated film:

  • Approval of God: Albert Uderzo was apprehensive of the use of CGI for his characters, fearing it wouldn't be as expressive as traditional animation, but when he saw the work of animation directors Louis Clichy (who once worked at Pixar) and Patrick Delage, he was delighted, especially regarding Obelix's design.
  • Bad Export for You: Had an incredibly limited theatrical run in the UK, only lasting about a week, and very few cinemas carried the 3D version.
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  • Creator Cameo: Animation director Louis Clichy also voices a dimwitted legionary.
  • Descended Creator: Co-director Alexandre Astier also voices the centurion.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Alexandre Astier had the French voices recorded before the animation work was done so the voice actors would come up with more originality in the roles and not be influenced by their characters' moves and attitudes.
  • Name's the Same: Cubitus the legionary shouldn't be confused with Cubitus the dog.
  • The Other Darrin: Bar Roger Carel (Asterix), none of the French voice actors from any previous Asterix animated film returned.
  • Production Posse: Many of Kaamelott's actors can be heard as Gauls or Romans.
    • Arthur is the centurion.
    • Guethenoc is Vitalstatistix.
    • Léodagan is Fulliautomatix.
    • Séli is Bacteria (Unhygienix's wife).
    • The Witch Hunter is Cubitus (the whiny legionary).
    • The Burgund king is Obelix.
    • His interpreter is Squareonthehypotenus (the architect).
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    • The Duke of Aquitaine is Senator Prospectus.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Co-director Alexandre Astier is a fan of Asterix, and of the album The Mansions of the Gods in particular.
  • Role Reprise: Compared to previous Asterix animated films, most of the voice actors are new. However, Roger Carel, who had been voicing Asterix since 1967, came out of retirement just for this movie (he hadn't done any voice acting since 2010). Nobody had to beg him for it, though — he volunteered himself.
  • You Sound Familiar: Senator Prospectus is voiced in French by Alain Chabat, who played Julius Caesar in Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra.


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