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Trivia / The Man Who Knew Too Much

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The 1934 film:


The 1956 film:

  • The Cast Showoff: Doris Day's agents demanded that she sing at least one new song, hence the inclusion of "Qué Será, Será" and "We'll Love Again."
  • Contractual Obligation Project: Hitchcock owed Paramount one more film, and he resurrected the idea of an Americanized remake of the 1934 film, which he first hatched shortly after he moved to Hollywood.
  • Playing Against Type: Ben McKenna is much closer to the usual all-American Jimmy Stewart character than Rupert Cadell, Jeff Jeffries or Scottie Ferguson, but his sometimes-tense exchanges with Jo show that he's not perfect. The scene where he insists on giving Jo some tranquilizers so he can tell her about Hank's kidnapping especially hints at a darker side of the character.
  • Self-Adaptation: Alfred Hitchcock remade his 1934 film in 1956. He told François Truffaut that the first film was "the work of a talented amateur and the second was made by a professional". Nevertheless, Hitchcock preferred the earlier version, largely because it wasn't so polished.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Gene Tierney and Lana Turner were all considered for the role of Jo McKenna.
    • Bernard Herrmann was originally going to compose an entirely new piece for the Royal Albert Hall scene, but he decided that the 1934 film's Storm Clouds Cantata worked fine for a climax, so he just wrote a new arrangement for it.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: One of the difficulties Alfred Hitchcock faced with this film was that he had to start shooting before the script was finished.
  • Working Title: Into Thin Air.

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