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Trivia / The Man from Snowy River

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  • Acting for Two: Kirk Douglas as Harrison and Spur in the first movie.
  • Billing Displacement: Kirk Douglas receiving top billing in the first film is to be expected, as he was the most well known actor, was playing a dual role, and was there to help market the film to American audiences. Less expected is Jack Thompson (Clancy) receiving second billing (above the title), considering his character has significantly less screen-time and plot relevance than the rest of the main cast.
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  • No Stunt Double: Tom Burlinson (Jim) performed the majority of his own stunts and horseback riding in the film, including the iconic ride down the side of the mountain. This is especially notable as he had no prior riding experience and had only a few short weeks to learn before shooting.
  • The Other Darrin: Brian Dennehy takes over the role of Harrison from Kirk Douglas in the second film.


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