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  • Acting for Two: There is a quick scene in The Love Bug where Dean Jones, in addition to portraying Jim Douglas, also portrays a hippie who talks to Carole about being "locked in", when she cries to be let out of the VW Bug that won't let her out and it's parked next to his van (see Not Actually the Ultimate Question below).
  • B-Team Sequel: The Love Bug and Herbie Rides Again were both directed by Robert Stevenson and produced by Bill Walsh, respectively, while Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo and Herbie Goes Bananas were directed by Vincent McEveety and produced by Ron Miller.
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  • Blooper: In Fully Loaded, when Maggie, Kevin and Herbie are at a drive-in movie watching a horror film, guess where the clip is from? Scary Movie 2.
  • Canon Welding: The villainous businessman in Rides Again, Alonzo Hawk, was previously the villain of The Absent-Minded Professor and Son of Flubber, and is played by the same actor.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Inverted in Fully Loaded with 19-year-old Lindsay Lohan playing a college graduate who has to be at least 23.
    • Her former classmate on the other hand is played by Justin Long, who was 27 at the time.
  • De Fictionalization / The Red Stapler: Thanks to the films in the early 70s, VW Beetle sales skyrocketed in the United States, and now many an auto enthusiast have taken regular VW Beetles and turned them into their very own Herbies. Don't be overwhelmed though, many un-Herbie'd Beetles still exist on the market so that this isn't a problem.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Two cases:
    • During the main race sequences in France while filming Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Dean Jones was convinced the other cars around him and Don Knotts were Disney-hired stunt drivers. Turns out, they were weaving through France's tight streets amongst real racecar drivers.
    • In Herbie Goes Bananas, during the little car's chase in the ship's hold, one extra was reportedly struck by a falling pallet as Herbie crashed into it. The shot remains in the film.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • The 1997 TV movie was only released on VHS in the United States. Torrents exist and various video sites host it, though.
    • Same goes for the CBS miniseries Herbie the Love Bug, all five episodes are available on Youtube though.
  • Old Shame: Fully Loaded may be this for Disney, likely due to Lindsay Lohan's career tanking shortly afterward. A 2012 Herbie DVD boxset left it out, and it also took much longer to come to Blu-Ray than the other movies did.
    • This appears to have alleviated somewhat, as when Disney+ was launched, Fully Loaded was added along with the four original Herbie movies while the 1997 remake was, and remains, missing.
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  • Playing Gertrude: Benson Fong, 52 at the time of filming The Love Bug, dons a not-at-all-convincing dye job (Michele Lee confirmed later that his hair was spray-painted white on set, which is exactly what it looks like) and moves and speaks in a very slow, deliberate style as the older Tang Wu.
  • Role Reprise: Dean Jones reprises his role as Jim Douglas for the 1997 TV film.
  • Stunt Casting: Lindsay Lohan whose popularity was at its peak by the time in Fully Loaded was released.
  • Suppressed Mammaries: Lindsay Lohan's bust was digitally reduced for Fully Loaded to avoid 'offending' audiences.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • The Love Bug is dated by the scene where Carole tries to get help from a pair of hippies.
    • Herbie: Fully Loaded features Herbie in a NASCAR race. This scene definitely dates the movie for multiple reasons:
      • The race is being called by Allen Bestwick and Benny Parsons, who were the play-by-play and color commentator, respectively, for NASCAR races on NBC and TNT from 2001 to 2006 (there was a second color commentator, Wally Dallenbach Jr., but he is absent in this film). Believe it or not, this was actually dated by the time the film came out in 2005, as Bill Weber had taken over from Bestwick in the booth. Nowadays, Bestwick calls college football games for ESPN (after another stint working NASCAR races with them from 2011 to 2014, then calling IndyCar races on ABC before NBC got the exclusive rights), while Parsons passed away in 2007 of lung cancer.
      • The cars seen are the fourth-generation car used from 1992 to 2007, when it was replaced by the controversial Car of Tomorrow.
      • Of the real NASCAR drivers seen in the film, only Jimmie Johnson is still active as of 2019. Jeff Gordon retired after the 2015 season and is now a color commentator for Cup Series broadcasts on Fox networks, Tony Stewart retired after 2016 and is now one of the biggest team owners in the sport, and Dale Jarrett retired in 2008 and has followed in his father Ned's footsteps by becoming a color commentator, first for ESPN and now for standalone Xfinity Series events on NBC (in other words, Xfinity Series races being held at a different track than the Cup Series, or on weekends when the Xfinity Series is racing, but the Cup Series is off).
      • ESPN reporter Stuart Scott appears in the film. He died of cancer in 2015.
  • Reportedly, there were 18 Herbies used in total to film the original Love Bug. One of those cars, Herbie No. 2, was fitted with a Porsche Super 90 engine by EMPI from a Porsche 911. Buddy Hackett recalled that when racing with Max Balchowsky (who handled stuntwork on The Love Bug, Vanishing Point, and Bullitt), stopping Herbie couldn't be done with the regular drum brakes on the car. The doors had to be open in order to bring Herbie to a halt, but of course who'd be holding the wheel?


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