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Trivia / The Lost Village

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  • Acting for Two: Probably due the big size of the cast of the anime, some voice actors portrayed more than one character:
  • Anime First: There is no indication the series is based on anything.
  • Fan Nickname: "Murderbus" for the show in its early episodes. As the series went on it sometimes became known as "Anime Lost".
  • I Knew It!: In a roundabout way, some message board theorists were right about certain developments:
    • The theory that there was a Fight Club -esque relationship between two of the characters is eventually confirmed that Masaki and Reiji share a relationship like this, with Reiji as the imaginary person.
    • Yottsun and Judgeness really weren't dead after all, though this has its roots in He's Just Hiding!.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Ai Kakuma usually voices cute, young girls or serious teenagers, so one may raise an eyebrow while seeing her acting as Lovepon, a deranged lunatic obsessed with torturing and executing criminals.
    • Similarly, Atsushi Abe is known for his performance in heroic, protagonistic characters, but in this show he gives voice to Hyouketsu no Judgness, a cowardly and unplesant chuunibyou who not only is apparently one of the first casualties of the series, but later becomes an antagonist.

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