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Trivia / The Long Kiss Goodnight

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  • Actor Allusion: Mitch refers to himself as a "bad motherfucka'". In Pulp Fiction this is what is written on Samuel L. Jackson's wallet.
  • Actor-Inspired Element: Craig Bierko suggested using the Santana song "She's Not There" in the movie.
  • Completely Different Title: The nothing if not apt German title Tödliche Weihnachten ("Deadly Christmas") might have helped it to become a German Christmas TV staple alá Die Hard.
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  • Creator In-Joke: In both this and The Last Boy Scout (also written by Shane Black) the protagonist says sarcastically that someone is so funny they're going to wet themselves.
  • Creator Killer: Well it was mostly the final nail in the coffin from Cutthroat Island, but this film bombing didn't help Renny Harlin's career or that of the studio that produced it. This has however become a Cult Classic, leading to some theorising that its reputation was damaged by Cutthroat Island's failure.
  • Creator's Favorite: Samuel L. Jackson called this his favorite movie he's done.
  • Dawson Casting: According to a Freeze-Frame Bonus, Geena Davis is six years older than her character. Charlie was born in 1962, and Davis in 1956.
  • Fake American: The Scottish Brian Cox and the English Patrick Malahide as CIA agents Nathan Waldman and Leland Perkins, respectively.
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  • Playing with Character Type: Geena Davis starts the film playing a character within her usual type. But then her memories are awakened and she discovers she's actually an assassin.
  • Production Posse: In addition to the husband and wife team of Renny Harlin and Geena Davis, Patrick Malahide and Rex Linn were in Cutthroat Island too.
  • Star-Derailing Role: It was mainly Cutthroat Island that did the damage, but this film underperforming didn't help Geena Davis's career.
  • Throw It In!: Brian Cox's line "Yes, it was very exciting. Tomorrow we go to the zoo" was in Shane Black's original script for The Last Boy Scout.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Shane Black claims his initial script was much darker, and more graphic - particularly in the scenes where Mitch and Charly get tortured. At one point Mitch was going to reveal that he had been gang-raped in prison.
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    • In the original ending of the film, Mitch died from his wounds after saving Charly and Caitlin. But it was decided that this would be too much of a Downer Ending and so Mitch survived and became a national hero.
    • Also, originally the name "Sam Caine" was simply a name her brain threw up as an anagram for "amnesiac". In the finished film it's her former alias.
    • The 100-year-old Windermere House in Muskoka was a planned filming location, but it burned to the ground before the scenes had been finished.
    • Studio executives considered rewriting the film to have a male lead, with Steven Seagal or Sylvester Stallone in mind.
    • The ice skating scene was scripted to have Samantha perform a double axel flip and shoot from under her upside down head. After testing it out on location and with green screen, they dropped it from the film.
    • A sequel has been in talks for years, but to date nothing new has come of it. The Working Title was The Kiss After Lightning.

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