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Trivia / The Littles

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Tropes applying to the animated series:

  • Children Voicing Children: Tom and Lucy Little and Henry Bigg were all voiced by actual children. Averted with Cousin Ashley, seen below...
  • Crossdressing Voices: Cousin Ashley is a boy with a Gender-Blender Name, voiced by actress BJ Ward.
  • Edited for Syndication: Reruns of The Littles on the DiC Kids Network syndication package often had the credits cutting off Dinky dotting the I in the DiC logo by slowing down the video footage but not the audio, thus making the sound effects not match the animation. There were also episodes that had long scenes cut, and they all cut the "Little Ideas for Big People"/"A Little Known Fact" segments. Also of note were a handful of episodes that were not rerun for one reason or another in various markets, including "Prescription for Disaster" which also never aired on Toon Disney.
    • Also, a scene from "The Little Scouts" was cut in the Toon Disney airing. The scene features Dinky looking at a flare up close and accidentally causing it to go off. He is carried into the air and falls back down on the pilot's parachute. However, the scene is intact on the DVD release.

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