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Trivia / The Little Match Girl

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    • Terry Pratchett's Hogfather, which asks why an angel didn't turn up with a warm blanket before the Little Match Girl died, and in which Death himself saves her, because there's no better Christmas present than a future.
    • It's turned up in Yakuza and Yakuza 5 under the exact name as substories that the player can go through. The one in Yakuza 1 is doing it more to buy a gift for her boyfriend while in 5, it's played much more straight, though the girl gets spared.
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    • In Sophie's World, at one point Sophie ends meeting the Little Match Girl and Ebenezer Scrooge. The Little Match Girl sets Scrooge on fire, after what she claims to be a communist.
    • The BMS of Fighters song "Burn" by NceS features a background animation that is based on this story, although instead of matches it's cigarettes. And then the girl does a dance with a roasted duck and her late grandmother.
    • In Lobotomy Corporation and its sequel, Library Of Ruina, an Abnormality based off this tale appears, named Scorched Girl. Unlike her book counterpart, she accidentally burnt herself to death with her own matches instead of freezing to death overnight, and rather than entering heaven she's forced to walk the Earth as a charred and ghastly spirit, still desperate for affection but is fated to eventually burn to ash and scatter into the wind someday. She's also an irritable Action Bomb who can easily deal a similar death to victims who provoke her into hysteria.


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