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Trivia / The Little Drummer Boy

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  • Channel Hop: Both Little Drummer Boy specials were produced by Rankin/Bass, but the first one was retained by General Electric when it spun-off R-B to an independent company again in 1974 (after having bought the studio several years after the special produced), who in question produced the follow-up The Little Drummer Boy II. Warner Bros., who owns the post-spinoff R-B library, thus owns the second special while the first one is controlled by NBCUniversal along with the rest of the pre-spinoff R-B library.
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  • Digital Destruction: The DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases feature an unreleased stereo soundtrack that was added during restoration of the special. Unlike the orginal mono mix, this mix leaves out a number of crucial sound effects, most notably Aaron's drumming sounds and the crowd commotion during Aaron's performance at Jerusalem. Making matters worse is that Universal only has a 16mm B-roll of the film archived and are apathetic to finding a 35mm source at present.
  • Sequel Gap: Book II came out eight years after it's predecessor.
  • Screwed by the Network: As of 2015, ABC Family/Freeform has taken to cutting out the song "When The Goose Is Hanging High", presumably to retain precious advertising time. This means that the movie transitions from Aaron fleeing into the desert following his parents' murder, to the scene in Jerusalem. When AMC acquired the rights to all post-1974 Rankin-Bass specials in 2018, the song was restored in Freeform's airings.
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  • Talking to Himself: The Three Kings and their servant discussing how to replace their weary camel — are all Paul Frees.

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