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Trivia / The Lion King Adventures

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  • Fan Community Nicknames: Fans of the series are referred to as Cheesy Servants or Haiba-ites, in honour of the Haiba character.
  • Inspiration for the Work: A desire to expand on the fantastic characters of Cub Simba and Nala in The Lion King influenced the series.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The series seems to have been deleted, most likely due to Fan Fiction's servers erasing them, making the possibility of the series being reuploaded uncertain.
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  • Lying Creator: While the series was still running, That Person You Might Know lied all of the time to the fans in order to protect the stories, even planting Red Herrings to fool everyone. This made the last few stories as surprising as possible.
  • Teasing Creator: The author often teased and hinted at various things throughout the series.
  • What Could Have Been: A few examples:
    • The series was originally going to have just thirteen stories, but was extended by popular demand.
    • Tama was going to commit suicide in Goodbye, Nala - but it was decided that a happier ending was better for the story.
    • Haiba was originally going to be a girl. However, a male seemed more suitable for the role.
    • Haiba would have turned out to be on drugs in Series Four, thus giving an explanation for his personality. In the words of the author, "It just seemed wrong."
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    • Barletta deliberated for many hours over whether to kill Haiba in The End, for fear of backlash from the fans.
    • He also seriously considered ending the series in Series Four.
  • Working Title: Anyone around at the beginning of the series would know that the original title was actually The Lion King: Friends to the End.
  • Word of God: That Person You Might Know has confirmed many things on the forum that pertain to the series. Here are some notable examples:
    • Tama and Tojo both went to heaven after dying, despite their sinister actions.
    • The Interceptor became the pride's best hunter after The End.
    • Haiba never entered a proper relationship when he grew up.
    • Haiba did eventually get over murdering Tama.
    • The fan nickname Anti-Haiba was accepted as canon.
    • Rafiki existed, hence why he is occasionally referenced, but Barletta has confirmed that he died after Series 3.
    • Twiga, the giraffe from Haiba's Wish, is in fact gay.
    • Maji originated from the same underwater kingdom as the cast of The Little Mermaid.
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    • Shocker bathes irreguarly. He doesn't necessarily despise it the way Simba and Tama do, but he doesn't really care about it like Nala, Haiba or Tojo.

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