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Trivia / The Legend of Thunder!

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  • Missing Episode: Along with the rest of Chronicles, it was dubbed four years after the initial Japanese broadcast.
  • Name's the Same: Both Jimmy and Vincent share their names with NPC trainers from Gold and Silver, just like many other characters; however, they are unique in that the shared name trait applies in both English and Japanese, and to the same trainers as well!
    • Of course, there are several other characters in the anime named Jimmy or James, most notably the Team Rocket member.
    • Marina shares her English name with a Colosseum Leader from Battle Revolution.
  • The Other Darrin: Eugene's voice actor was changed from Ted Lewis to Dan Green. Vincent was played by Kevin Kolak (in the special) and Jackson by Anthony Salerno (in the original anime). Averted in the case of Jimmy, as his cameo (which may not actually be him) was cut from the thirteenth movie.
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  • Playing Against Type: Veronica Taylor, the voice of Ash and May, voices Hun in this special.

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