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Trivia / The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

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  • Acclaimed Flop: Internationally, FC and SC sold poorly on the PlayStation Portable but receive high praise from critics and fans alike, at least among the modest following that have played it. The games were much more receptive on PC, though the numbers are still in the lower medium to small range.
  • Development Gag: As revealed in a pre-release development blog, the localisation team ran into a large number of bizarre glitches, one of which was randomly re-sized text. The example given was Estelle accepting a sidequest in Zeiss with the statement (regarding Olivier): "He may be a total weirdo, but his gun skills are legit" (with the word "legit" blown up to roughly twice its normal size). The blogger commented that, given that this is Olivier, in a just world it would be the word "weirdo" that got blown up instead. Lo and behold, in that very text box in the final version of the game, the phrase "total weirdo" appears roughly three times its normal size (a fact which is immediately lampshaded by Olivier).
    • Only in the PC version though, in the PSP release, the blown up words are 'Totally Legit' making it sound like Estelle is trying to reassure the client.
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  • Doing It for the Art: How else do you explain XSEED Games's willingness to localize a trilogy of games with such ginormous amounts of text, which no other localizer showed signs of having plans to work on? With one person metaphorically nearly killing herself, and another LITERALLY nearly killing himself!
  • Fan Nickname: In the Spanish-speaking fandom, Ries got the nickname of Rias Gremory, due of her looks and name. Also, Lorence/Loewe is nicknamed Sephiroth due also of his looks and role.
  • The Other Darrin: The anime adaptation, which was licensed by Sentai Filmworks, was dubbed in Houston as opposed to being outsourced to the Los Angeles-based cast, which is odd considering that they have a good track record for reprising existing casts of future installments of their respective series such as K-On!, Persona 4, Rozen Maiden, Mahoromatic, Queen's Blade and Fate Stay Night.
    • In-game, Bleublanc was originally voiced by Troy Baker (who also voices Olivier), but his battle voice clips were later re-dubbed by Kirk Thornton, due to XSEED liking his performance in Trails of Cold Steel. Here is a comparison.
  • Promoted Fanboy: XSEED Games once proclaimed that the game translators are fans of the trilogy, which is very apparent given the sheer scope of the task. Head editor/localization producer Brittany, in particular, will happily go into gushing mode if given the opportunity.
  • Schedule Slip: The PC version of First Chapter was supposed to come out in Winter 2013. Actual release date? July 29, 2014.
    • The first game of the trilogy was released for PC in 2004. It didn't come stateside until 2011.
    • The PC version of the Second Chapter was supposed to come out in Winter 2014. Actual release date? October 29, 2015.
    • The PC version of the 3rd had a milder case, with the US release date of Q1 2017 being pushed back to May.
  • Spell My Name with an "S":
    • While officially spelled Patel Matel by Falcom, given the use of furigana and the fact that Renne repeatedly states that it's the only father or mother she needs it should be written Pater Mater, Latin for 'Father and Mother'.
    • Is it "Loewe" or "Löwe"? Even Falcom sources disagree at times. Both work, though (they're the same word in German). XSEED chose to go with "Loewe".
    • A bit of debate also springs up around the title for the agents of Ouroboros. The title is given in kanji as 執行者, shikkousha, which strictly speaking is a term variously applied to "those who perform, execute or serve business" (and also actual executioners) and also has Buddhist connotations for righteousness and the pursuit of enlightenment. However, the kanji are always accompanied by furigana, in katakana, indicating that the word the characters are saying is "Legion", which is meant to be the actual, in-universe term spoken by characters. The problem, of course, is that "legion" is a term for a unit of soldiers and not an individual person, and doesn't really carry the concept of the kanji forward regardless. Some do use other terms to try and convey the kanji better - Enforcer, Legionnaire, Executioner and the like have all cropped up over the years.
      • During the scene at the end of FC wherein Joshua and Weissmann confront one another, the XSEED translation uses both "Enforcer" and "Legion". SC sticks with "Enforcer", as do later releases. Since it became standardized, most Western fans also go with the latter.
      • Relatedly, the Ouroboros codename for Enforcer Fifteen runs into a problem as well. For all the other Enforcers, the "intended" English version of their codenames is given in secondary sources, particularly promo websites - "Sword Emperor" for 剣帝 (kentei) (localized as Bladelord), "Phantom Thief" for 怪盗紳士 (kaitou shinshi) and so on. With Fifteen, however, all we have is the kanji - 殲滅天使, senmetsu tenshi. The "angel" part is obvious, but there have been some debates over the best way to render "senmetsu" (which, most literally, means "total destruction/slaughter/annihilation/etc; Apocalypse How in a can, basically). "Angel of Extermination" is one of the more common translations, though some fans feel this is a little awkward; others go with "Annihilation Angel" or "Angel of Slaughter". The official translation for SC goes with the latter.
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    • The female lead of The 3rd: Ries? Riess? Riese? Lise? Liese? Liesz?! Every single one is a vaild option for those katakana, and Falcom sources have disagreed at times, though they do trend roughly toward "Ries" - which still leads to a bit of a debate, because that's usually a male name in its native Germany. Regardless, XSEED ultimately stuck with Ries as the official name.
    • There's another interesting one that crops up in the Japanese fandom, specifically - that of the lead heroine's name. She's always been referred to as Estelle Bright in any promotional material that features English, in the English translations themselves and it clearly ties into her theme naming... but many JP players, who really only pay attention to the game's Japanese text itself, end up calling her Esther. This is, of course, because the two names are spelled exactly the same way in katakana (エステル).
    • In Japanese, Princess Klaudia's given name is "Klose", a mix of "Klaudia" and her last name, "Auslese". In English, the name was tweaked to the more natural sounding "Kloe".
  • Troubled Production: The localization definitely was. In addition to suffering from Schedule Slip, XSEED had underestimated exactly what they had signed on for (FC and SC together contain nearly 5 million lines of text, all of which had to be translated, edited, and re-programmed back in the game. When the head of the translation company very nearly kills himself over the process of translating the game, you know you have a troubled production.
    • And the OTHER head of the production company...nearly works herself to death trying to make sure everything is okay.


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