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Trivia / The Legend of Dragoon

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  • Reclusive Artist: Yasuyuki Hasebe, the writer, designer, and director of The Legend of Dragoon, hasn't been seen since its release.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A sequel was originally planned and was actually put into pre-production. Sadly, it was cancelled for unknown reasons. Instead, the development team went on to do different projects.
    • Dart was being considered as a DLC fighter for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, according to one of the game's modelers, who leaked a 3D model of Dart that he created on his online portfolio (after which his entire website was taken down). This would've been Dart's first appearance in a game in thirteen years. Ironically, this news dropped shortly after Shuhei Yoshida said in a podcast interview with IGN that All-Stars Battle Royale didn't perform well enough to pursue any new DLC.

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