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Trivia / The King of Hate

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  • Dear Negative Reader: His 2013 Christmas special, The Brat Who Trolled Christmas, a middle finger directed at his hatedom. Phil's detractors are depicted as basement-dwelling internet trolls who are jealous of his Internet "fame" and make "shitting on him the goal of their lives".
  • Fan Nickname: His detractors have given him lots of unflattering nicknames. These include (but aren't limited to) Dipshit Phil, Darksyde Phail, Darksalt Phil, Darksyde Pill, Down Syndrome Phil, The King of Salt, The King of Scrubs, The King of Crybabies...
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  • Missing Episode: All his videos that were on his account, including the controversial Dead Space 2 demo playthrough that was the reason for its deletion. Another noteworthy one was the tenth episode of "Cooking With The King", which was Phil baking cookies in his oven for Christmas.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Some of his videos fall into this. For example, the beginning of his Dynasty Warriors 8 LP has him joking about the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, which clearly dates it to mid-2013.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Phil at one point was going to partner with Channel Awesome, but this ultimately didn't happen after the fallout.
    • Phil revealed in a video for the now-cancelled Project 7 series that the game he was forced to play was going to be Final Fantasy VII.

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