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Trivia / The King 2 Hearts

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  • Actor Allusion:
    • One of Hang Ah's girlfriends says, "To her father, (Hang Ah) is Hwang Jin-yi." (Hang Ah's actress, Ha Ji-won, played Hwang Jin-yi in the popular drama.)
    • In South Korea, Hang Ah goes fangirl-y over two of Ha Ji-won's co-stars, Jo In-sung from What Happened in Bali and Hyun Bin from Secret Garden.
    • In ep8 when Hang Ah was trying to cheer Jae Ha up, she used the "To me, this person is Kim Tae Hee or Jeon Do Yeon" quote. Jae Ha asked if she was referring to "that drama." That line was a memorable pick up line from Ha Ji Won's very successful drama, Secret Garden.
  • The Cast Showoff:
    • Every time Shi Kyung sings, a girl swoons. Not surprising considering his actor Jo Jung Suk used to sing in musicals.
    • Lee Seung Gi is a popular singer who also plays piano; the character Jae Ha is a natural pianist.

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