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Trivia / The Just Series

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  • Name's the Same: Diana, Rex and Amethyst were all named after tributes from other SYOT stories, which is why their deaths were so drawn-out and painful.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Tilly Vaneguard, in a way. She was always a big fan of the Hunger Games and constantly dreamed of going into them. In Fear is Just a Word, she gets her wish.
  • What Could Have Been: The 5th chapter of Happiness is Just A Memory has an alternate ending of Death is Just a Game, involving Autumn killing Ritch, then Nat and Colten, and winning the Games. Afterwards, she goes home and refuses to cooperate with President Snow, and her brother is killed, then she goes to the Capitol and tries to kill Snow, and then becomes an Avox.
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  • Working Title: The original title of Death is Just a Game was Survival: The 52nd Hunger Games, but it was changed to match Fear is Just a Word’s title.

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