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  • Completely Different Title: When the first movie, previously officially known as "The Happets in the Kingdom of the Sun" was distributed by Canadian company Phase 4 Films, it was given the title of... The Nutcrackers.
  • Dueling Dubs: The TV series has two Latin American Spanish dubs. One recorded in Venezuela that airs on Pakapaka in Argentina, and another that was (presumably) recorded in Mexico that aired on V-me Kids; both are titled "Los Happets".
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  • International Coproduction: The second film is a co-production between the usual Spanish studio and a Brazilian studio.
  • No Dub for You: Despite being produced in Spain, the TV series never got its own European Spanish dub, only the films have. However, it still does have two Latin American Spanish dubs, one of which is readily available to watch on YouTube, and the other still airs in Argentina.
  • No Export for You: There are many examples of this, especially due to there being language-versions that exist of either film, but not the TV series, and vice-versa. Specifically, though:
    • Besides European Spanish, only both films were dubbed in Taiwanese Mandarin and Russian, with the TV series nowhere in sight.
    • Likewise, only the TV series was dubbed in Croatian, Italian, and Latin American Spanish (twice!), with none of the feature films in sight.
    • The first film, The Happets in the Kingdom of the Sun receieved German, Hebrew, Korean, and Polish dubs, while the second film and the TV series did not.
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    • The second film, The Happets in the Rainbow Forest receieved Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese dubs, while the first film and the TV series did not.
    • Averted with English, Catalan, and Galician, as dubs of both films and the TV series exist. However, perhaps played straight with the fact that the English dub was never actually aired on any English-language television stations, but was instead released on YouTube.
  • Working Title: The Happets in the Rainbow Forest appears to have had three of them: "The Happets and the Magic Rainbow", "The Happets in the Magic Forest", and "The Happets in the Magic Kingdom".


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