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Trivia / The Handmaid's Tale

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For the series:

  • Actor Allusion: Moira at Jezebel's is going by the name "Ruby". Ruby is the name of Daisy's cat in Girl, Interrupted, whom Moss' character adopts at the end of the film.
  • California Doubling: The story is set in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but filmed in Toronto. In the scene of the pre-Gilead protest, the demonstrators march past the distinctive Toronto City Hall.
  • Dawson Casting: 20 year old Sydney Sweeney plays 15 year old Eden. note 
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  • Enforced Method Acting: Sam Jaeger, who plays Mark Tuello, did this to himself. When preparing for the role, he only watched episodes of the series that put Serena Joy Waterford in a good light. As Jaeger himself put it, Mark Tuello is supposed to be attracted to Serena Joy's good side. Prior to the scene where Mark arrests Serena, he would watch all of the episodes with Serena Joy along with all the abuses she heaped on June, and his disgust in Serena's character is obvious when Mark proceeds to make the arrest.
  • Fake American: Brits Joseph Fiennes, Max Minghella and O. T. Fagbenle, Australian Yvonne Strahovski and Canadian Amanda Brugel all play Americans.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Some commenters on YouTube has taken to referring to a certain Aunt as "Aunt Chlamydia".
    • Christopher Meloni plays Commander Winslow. Meloni's most recognizable role is Detective Stabler from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, so the character is often called "Commander Stabler".
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  • I Knew It!: Ever since the book was published, fans had speculated that one of the names in the list from the first chapter was Offred's real name, with June the most popular guess. The series went with this, with the implicit approval of Margaret Atwood.
  • Irony as She Is Cast:
    • Serena Joy's is desperate to finally have a baby via Handmaid, since she's been rendered incapable of having children via being shot. Yvonne Strahovski revealed she was pregnant some time before the second season aired.
    • Elisa Bauman has a small role in season two as Serena Joy's assistant, who seems to agree with her ideals and praises her work. Bauman herself is an openly bisexual feminist — i.e., the exact sort of person Serena Joy is looking to eliminate.
  • Killer App: The TV series has finally given Hulu an original series that has garnered attention from critics similar to Netflix's original programming. It ended up giving Hulu the honor of being the first streaming service to get a Best Series Emmy.
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  • Overtook the Manga: The series overtook the novel's ambiguous ending with the second season.
  • Referenced by...:
    • Saturday Night Live parodies the series with Handmaids in The City
    • Funny Or Die presents a Gender Flip parody called The Handman's Tale.
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Halloween Episode has a set of men dressed in the handmaids' iconic red costumes. It's part of the precinct's traditional heist.
    • Emma.'s first trailer has Mrs Goddard's pupils walking at a brisk pace dressed in long red coats and light-coloured bonnets. They look a lot like the oppressed handmaids from Hulu's series.
  • Shown Their Work: Offred's presumed real name of June is the last word in the first chapter of the book, in which future Handmaids are exchanging names.
  • Troubled Production: The scenes at the Colonies in Season 2 were filmed in very cold and rainy Canadian weather, putting the actors in genuine danger of hypothermia. Their costumes had to be specially designed to keep them warm without actually looking like they were to sell the women's conditions.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Handmaid's Tale Wiki - covers both the book and the series.


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