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  • Expy: Some aspects and characters are borrowed from fellow Kancolle fanwork Pacific: World War II U.S. Navy Shipgirls, most notably the fact that Yvonne Swanson is actually an homage of Pacific's Enterprise. note 
    • This is due to the author being a follower of Pacific himself.
  • I Knew It!: A few readers correctly guessed that nosy reporter Mildred Marshall is actually an incognito ship girl before the author revealed it.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There have some changes between the beta versions of some chapters, their initial published versions, and their post-restart versions. Chapter 6 for example would have seen Yvonne launching squadrons of Bearcats instead of Corsairs as in both the published and restarted versions.
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    • Prior to Sasahara17's Creator Breakdown, he had posted a bunch of upcoming plot points for events taking place after Chapter 12 (A chapter that had been posted in the fic's spoilers thread for feedback and not officially published.)
      • Admiral Shimada would've committed suicide following his guilty verdict in the case of him retreating from Okinawa. This would've caused two of his ship-girls, the Fusou sisters, to blame Yvonne for his death.
      • The mission to capture an abyssal would succeed, netting the team the one who led the attacks on Okinawa. This came at the cost of Shoukaku and Hibiki, who were killed in action. When Yvonne interrogates the abyssal, the latter identifies herself as Yorktown, causing the former to go into a fit of rage and attack the latter. A JMSDF officer managed to overhear the interrogation, and in a panic, reports to his superiors that the abyssals are USN shipgirls. When the Nationalists get wind of this, they spin it so that it comes out as "The abyssals are led by USN ship girls." Yvonne is essentially kicked out of the country, and the US is treated as a pariah. Meanwhile the Japanese ship girls would then be sent off on a mission to Ironbottom Sound, with neither them or their commanders aware that it is a trap set up by Arizona for express purpose of using the girls as sacrifices for the Abyssals. A Big Damn Heroes moment would've ensued, where Washington would manage to get in contact with Thresher and had the latter launch the nukes from the submarine she had been inspecting.
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    • There were points from the post-restart writing committee that were never implemented because the restart never went beyond Chapter 6.
      • The primary one: We find out exactly just how Washington was summoned and how the CIA got their hands on her without the USN ship girl program even knowing that she existed. A group of college students, completely unaffiliated with the USN, managed to summon her.

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