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Trivia / The Good Fight

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  • Casting Gag: Diane's season 2 love interest Tully is played by Tim Matheson. Both Matheson and Gary Cole (who plays Diane's husband Kurt) played Vice Presidents on The West Wing, with the former's character being replaced by the latter after being forced to resign. Interestingly, Cole and Matheson also worked together in A Very Brady Sequel, in which Cole played Mike Brady and Matheson played Trevor Thomas, an imposter pretending to be Carol Brady's deceased first husband, Roy Martin.
  • Fake American: Maia Rindell, played by the Scottish Rose Leslie.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The fourth season was planned to span ten episodes, but its production suddenly halted after the seventh episode due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Creators Robert and Michelle King stated that the season's storylines would pick up and conclude during season five.
  • Schedule Slip: Inverted. The series premiere was moved up from May to February due to delays on Star Trek: Discovery, which was supposed to be the tentpole series for CBS All Access.