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Trivia / The Game (Queen)

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  • Black Sheep Hit: Deliberately invoked that it may as well be a Batman Gambit. In the recording process, the band would often have Michael Jackson listen to what they made for peer review. As soon as Jackson heard the basis for "Another One Bites the Dust", he said that with a few touch-ups, it'd make them millions. They went off his logic, spruced it up to fit more with the standard electronic craze of the time, and once presented to Jackson, he responded with, "That's it, that's the gravy. Release it and it will top the charts." Considering the band didn't think much of the song, they felt it was a big gamble putting it up as a single, but they ended up taking the risk. ...Needless to say, Jackson was right. The song sold 7 million copies, and made the band about $21 million.
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  • Refitted for Sequel: "It's a Beautiful Day" was written and demoed by Freddie Mercury during the sessions for this album, but it was ultimately left off. It would eventually be remixed for the 1995 posthumous album Made in Heaven.