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  • Creative Differences: The cause of the bulk of the departures, and all three of the departing members in the second mass departure (Sorceron, McKinney, and Butler) either directly stated or heavily implied that it was a toxic, soul-draining nightmare and added that while they were proud of their accomplishments with the band, there was only so much shit that they could take before they had to cut themselves loose for the sake of their sanity. An Instagram post from Keene after the most recent mass departure triggered a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech from McKinney, where he tore into Keene about stealing band money and ripping off fans, blaming his poor performances on stage fright as opposed to his drug issues and failure to practice, getting an entire tour cancelled because he went on a drug binge and missed his flight, using the money that their manager gave them to pay the rent on their storage unit to buy drugs and subsequently getting their gear repossessed, and backtracking his leads on "The Spiraling Void" because he couldn't play them and told him to take some responsibility for being a piece of shit. Furthermore, additional posts on the matter revealed that Sorceron and McKinney sacrificed a truly incredible amount of time, money, energy, and opportunities to try and make the band work (including multiple interventions and a desperate attempt to talk Keene into entering rehab, which he outright refused to do) and were rewarded by Keene badmouthing and telling bold-faced lies about them behind their backs, which they later learned had been going on well before they had actually found out. Later in the year, McKinney posted a bunch of demo tracks from his contributions to the album and explained that most, if not all of the orchestration (among other things) was actually his in spite of Keene's failure to properly credit him, and he explained that while he was going to just shrug off what had happened and move on, he was angry enough about this to actually take legal action against Keene.
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  • Development Hell: Apparently averted with Autotheism; its conception wasn't particularly difficult or arduous, just long. The heavy touring probably caused most of the delay. In Becoming a Ghost was a more legitimate case, as a complete lineup shift and an inability to maintain a new one (McKinney being the only explicit full-timer; Kersey was a live session member, Westmoreland and Sorceron wound up becoming Ascended Extras, and Rydquist and Giffin were supposed to at least join for the recording but could not make it work) all led to a development cycle that exceeded even Autotheism in sheer length.
  • Old Shame: Akeldama doesn't seem to be held in very high regard by Keene. "An Autopsy" is still a live staple, but other than that, they have turned their back on the album and don't seem to be too intent on changing that.
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  • Promoted Fanboy: Rudinger, McKinney, and Butler.

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