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Trivia / The Devil's Carnival

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  • Acting for Two: Briana Evigan spends most of Beautiful Stranger doing this. It's lampshaded by the line my, what a strange duet, referring to the fact that it's credited as a duet with Ogre and Briana Evigan, but it's sung by the same character.
  • Expy: Lucifer's role appears to be similar to that of the Graverobber from Repo! The Genetic Opera.
  • Retronym: During the road show tour for the second film, Darren Lynn Bousman (Director) and Terrance Zdunich (Writer) stated that if they were to re-title the first film to better differentiate it from the sequel, the new title would be The Devil's Carnival: Jupiter's Waters (after the lyric in Grief)
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  • Romance on the Set: Emilie Autumn and Marc Senter (Scorpion).
  • Word of God: Actually had to come out and state that Tamara's 'sin' was gullibility because too many people didn't understand why she was in hell or trusted the Scorpion.

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