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Trivia / The Delta Force

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  • Blooper: After the plane sends the distress call, a montage of American offices in DC, including the White House, Pentagon, and Capitol Building are shown. While some are shown at nighttime, it is clearly daytime in the shot of the Pentagon.
  • California Doubling:
    • Beirut, Greece, the US and Israel are all played by the last-named country.
    • Some of the second movie, which mostly takes place in a fictional South American country, was filmed in Tennessee.
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  • Swan Song: This happened to be Lee Marvin's final film before dying.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The role of Major McCoy was originally intended for Charles Bronson.
    • Shortly before director Menahem Golan died, he was in talks with a scriptwriter about a fourth Delta Force movie.
  • Chuck Norris kills 43 bad guys in this movie.

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