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  • Acting for Two: The Day Today is essentially a sketch show cleverly disguised as a news programme, with a core troupe of actors playing multiple different roles in each sketch/news report.
  • The Danza: Chris Morris, who plays anchorman Chris Morris. It's difficult to tell whether Chris Morris is a character or a real-life person. This trope is continued in spin-off Brass Eye.
  • Life Imitates Art: The Day Today had five months to create six episodes, allowing their computer graphics designers (the graphics design department of ITN, one of Britain's main TV news and content providers, who relished the opportunity to parody their usual work) to spend much longer than they could on daily news to create The Day Today's abundance of computer generated charts and diagrams. The design philosophy was to imagine what graphics the most megalomaniac news editor would request if not under the time constraints of daily news production. Years later, as computer power increased and cost decreased, these time constraints were much less of a barrier, meaning that real daily news programmes started looking rather a lot like The Day Today. What this says about the prevalence of real megalomaniac news editors is open to interpretation.


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