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Trivia / The Danish Girl

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  • Award Category Fraud: Vikander's Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress, when several reviewers noted that she is much more of a co-lead of Redmayne's (getting several scenes where she is the point of view character while Redmayne is in the background or not present), and that she was only campaigned in supporting because she was a rising star who would otherwise have trouble earning a nomination in the Best Actress category. The minor controversy was reflected in some of the precursor associations leading up to the Oscars, with the Golden Globes stating explicitly that she would only be eligible as a lead actress contender (subsequently nominating her there) and the BAFTA citing her in the Best Actress category as well.
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  • Creator Backlash: Eddie Redmayne admitted in 2021 that he felt it was a mistake to play a transgender woman in this film and felt a real-life trans woman should have played the part instead.
  • Dueling Movies: This is the other period drama about someone struggling with their sexuality to be released in late 2015. (The first being Carol). Interestingly, both titular roles are played by recent Oscar winners (each of whom would be nominated again that year for these films), and both feature love interests to those titular characters whose actresses earned considerable controversy for getting nominated in the Supporting Actress category when many considered them to be at the very least co-leads, if not the actual point of view characters.
  • Fake Nationality: The British Eddie Redmayne, the Swedish Alicia Vikander and the Belgian Matthias Schoenaerts play Danish characters. Though they all keep their natural accents.


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