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Trivia / The Dangerous Brothers

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  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Averted; Anthea/Clive in "How to Get Off with a Lady" is played by Adrian Edmondson's clearly very-heavily pregnant wife Jennifer Saunders who, in the demonstration, manages to get knocked up despite having Sir Adrian not having even managed to get his pants off.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: A DVD of all of the sketches featured in the show was released in 2009. However the "Kinky Sex" episode is taken from a home video source as the original could not be found. Some of the sketches appear to be edited longer and slightly shorter than others. Music edits have also been made, of which some are obvious if you have seen the video. The laughing in the unseen audience is also different, where the video used the real studio audience laughter and also canned laughter. The DVD just uses the original studio audience. The DVD is also known to be very hard to find in retail shops.


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