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  • The Pete Best: Remember when Craig Kilborn was the host? Yeah, us neither. And Comedy Central agrees, since their website doesn't feature any clips from episodes from Kilborn's era.
  • Recycled Set: When Stewart made his debut, the set was exactly the same as the one Kilborn used at the end of his run as host. Averted with Trevor Noah's run, which features a new set and all new graphics and logos.
  • Un-person: Comedy Central likes to pretend that Craig Kilborn never hosted The Daily Show, despite being its inaugural host. Their website doesn't feature any clips from episodes from the Kilborn era aside from flashbacks in episodes hosted by Jon Stewart, and he isn't even mentioned in the show's history on the page. His only appearance on The Daily Show since his departure was on Stewart's last episode, which was a brief cameo in which he mocks Stewart for taking his job (that being said, Kilborn had hung out with Stewart on the set several times, but never appeared on-screen).
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  • What Could Have Been: Amy Schumer, Amy Poehler, and Chris Rock were offered the show as replacements for Jon Stewart. They all turned it down for various reasons (Amy Schumer didn't want to constrained to the daily production routine, Amy Poehler just wasn't interested, and Chris Rock only wanted to do it until the election was over).


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