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  • Chicago: The second main city in the Midwest zone, after Detroit, making the Midwest the only zone in the game with two main cities. (Every other zone in the game has just one main city and one or two other major cities.) The Windy City is also where Alex meets Herschel Craig, the city's V2, after falling out of favor with Troy.
  • DFW Metroplex: Dallas is one of the major cities in The South zone. It's here where Coburn reveals himself after secretly getting Alex to work for him, and where Roxanne first contacts Alex in secret to warn him that Cam called for a police ambush against him.
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  • Detroit: The first major city in the game, as well as the Midwest zone, and Alex's hometown. It's at the Motor City where his brother Dayton is killed and where the plot begins. Troy is also the V2 for this city after the Time Skip.
  • Los Angeles: L.A. is the main city for the West Coast zone, and last main city that Alex has to go to story-wise in the game: he goes there to participate in the 5-10 Face-Off, which pits him against every other V2, V4, and V6 in the States, and finally settle his score with Shiv.
  • Miami: The main city of The South, Alex goes there to restore the 5-10's dominion there, which was usurped by Cameron Rockport.
  • Nashville: The Tennessee capital appears in the game as part of The South zone, but it's only represented as a minor city. Oddly though, the name is typed in-game in all-caps as if it's one of the game's major cities (which are all rendered in all-caps). Alex first meets Cam face-to-face here for a race.
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  • New Mexico: Is a region in the Mountain States zone. The game puts it way closer to the Gulf of Mexico than it actually is. Santa Fe is a major city in the zone, while Roswell is a minor city. Oddly, the entire city of Santa Fe is its lone district (the location indicator next to the minimap says "SANTA FE, SANTA FE" when you're in the city).
  • San Francisco: It returns from Driver: San Francisco as a major city for the West Coast zone, although it's smaller than how it appeared in that game.
  • Seattle: Also one of the major West Coast cities in the game.
  • St. Louis: The last major city of the Midwest zone, the only city in that zone to not be a main city (since Chicago fills a dual role with Detroit), and the place where players can buy bikes if they own Wild Run. However, it is the first city outside Detroit that Alex goes to in the story. He is sent there by Troy to take over the city for Detroit... going as far as being forced to kill the V2 there as well. Alex doesn't do so, but...
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  • Other Cities in Texas: Amarillo and New Braunfels appear in The South, while El Paso appears in the Mountains States just west of The South.
  • Washington, D.C.: The nation's capital is the only other major city in the East Coast zone, and story-wise Alex goes there for just one mission ordered by Eric Tsu, to take down someone over there.

Other notes

  • Dueling Works - Racing Games:
    • Competed against Forza Horizon 2, another 2014 open world racing game with an emphasis on multiplayer (although Horizon 2 is not an MMO).
    • Thanks to the Wild Run expansion with its many changes, The Crew went against the rebooted Need for Speed in 2015.
  • The Other Darrin: Whoever voiced Zoe in Calling All Units is definitely not Amy Rosoff. Likewise, Troy Baker does not voice Alex Taylor for his brief section of the expansion.
  • The Wiki Rule: There are two wikis named The Crew Wiki, one on Gamepedia and another on Wikia. Both of them need some serious Wiki Magic love, however. (For example, neither wiki has any info on the Wild Run expansion, and the Gamepedia wiki doesn't even have an article for the very game itself.)

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